Rules & Code of Conduct


In Indonesia Furs, every group, event and meeting plays an important role in creating a fun but respectful community. While each group we manage may have its own unique rules, there are universal rules that we all follow. These guidelines are the core of our interactions, whether in cyberspace or the real world, whether managed directly or collaboratively.

Remember, these rules are a commitment to maintaining an environment where creativity, respect, and friendship thrive. Let's make every interaction at Indonesia Furs a memorable and positive experience.

Respecting Privacy

Trust is the foundation of our community, and respecting privacy helps build a safe space for all. Therefore, we ask all members to respect this by safeguarding each other's personal information. Personal information can include a person's legal name, contact details, or stories shared in private settings.

Keeping this information is a sign of trust and respect. So don't share personal details about other members without their explicit consent.

Online Interaction

Our online groups and channels under Indonesia Furs are a hub for chatting, sharing and celebrating our furry identity. Here, we encourage you to be friendly, have fun, and bond with your fellow furries! But, let's keep our digital playground comfortable. Avoid making posts that could hurt or attack other people.

We highly value tolerance and understanding. Posts or comments that do not reflect these values will receive a warning and may be removed. If you find something that you feel is dangerous or attacks the identity of a person or group, immediately report it to our admin.

We expect the best online behavior from our members, especially in online public spaces. If your actions are deemed to have a negative impact on the reputation of our community, we may need to take the necessary steps to maintain our safe and positive space, including banning those involved.

Offline Interaction

Our offline meetings are relaxed and unstructured, but we still have standards of behavior for members who join. Some meetings or events may have their own rules and be managed by different teams, but there are basic principles that are respected at every event. We also share information about potentially unwanted individuals, to maintain a safe environment for all.

You are fully responsible for your behavior and well-being. We rely on you to use common sense and follow the specific rules set by our event venues. We do not tolerate offensive behavior, such as showing up with hateful images or paraphernalia.

Most of our meets are for ages 16 and up, primarily paid events. Compliance with age restrictions is very important. Please respect these boundaries. For our friends under 16 years old, don't worry! You can join our general meetings which are held approximately once every few months.